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For People who don't know me my name is Patrick Haché. I grew up in a small town in Northern New-Brunswick.

All my Life I have been Passionate about arts in all form. Whether it was competing in sports like martial arts, writing music, taking pictures or creating videos to make memories. For me it was always the only way to truly express myself.

Over the years I realized that sharing stories and making memories, not just for myself but for other people is all that really matters.

Jenn  Pat - 117.jpg

A few years later Jen and I met at a wedding and we immediately Clicked. We started to work on multiple projects together and realized that we had a lot  more in common than just cameras. Jen also has a love for creativity and is a successful artist. I will always Remember the time she told me how she got her first camera by savings the points from jello packs as a kid ... so Cute. 

With my storytelling talent and Jen's attention to details, we make the perfect combo to capture your most precious memories.

Along the way, we became more than just working partners, We became perfect life partners.

And our Journey continues.........

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