Jen and I are meant to be working together as photographers and videographers but first let me tell you how it all started. I use to watch the "Notebook" with my sister and cry . Yeah I know you can laugh but  that's part of whom I am and that is one of the main reason I enjoy weddings. I love seeing people that are in love and its nothing but a positive vibe. 


The first wedding I ever filmed was my sisters wedding down south and she had one of the best photographers in Canada taking her pictures and I was like WOW! that's what I wanna do with my life travel the world and create art like that guy.


Couple years after, my sister's friend was getting married and she asked me to do her wedding video and Boom that one went Viral and it pretty much went from there.


People ask me all the time why do you have a Ninja as a logo? it dosent really match  the wedding theme. Well I think its perfect and it couldn't describe my personality any better. Weddings  is not the only thing I do, how boring would that be. Im far from being a one trick pony ,lm also a songwriter  of many genre and a fighter yeah real kickboxer  so  here you go that explain my little ninja.

The first time I saw Jen she was the photographer at a wedding which I was the videographer. At first we were just doing our own thing but when it came to working together with the bridal party  WE CLICKED  

We started sharing our ideas and we were both impressed by our creativity. Jen is one of the  best I've seen yet at directing and positioning  to capture the perfectness . After that day we kept in touch ,fell in love and never looked back

 Now w'ere on to bigger and better things. 

Together we guarantee QUALITY.

Specializing in Weddings & Sports Videography Photography



Specializing in Portraits,Weddings 


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